Did You Know

Outside Catering

We allow outside catering and alcohol with a valid liquor license, and licensed bartender.

Customized Packages

No event is too bing or too small for us. We can handle it all with utmost proficiency, courtesy and respect to all.

Central Location

Maple Banquet Hall located right at the city center, on the NW corner of Eglinton Avenue East and Dixie Road


Social events are what people look forward to, no matter what age. Whether you're having a birthday bash, any type of shower, baptism or anything else your heart desires, we can certainly help plan it. We will make sure all arrangements are taken care of, to your liking and fitted into your budget.

We can set up special events no matter how many guests it involves, no matter what the ages of the guests are and what different types of interests you or your guests might have in mind. People spend and plan their anniversaries in a special way, people hold surprise parties day in and day out. You might want to hold dinner and dance sessions. Regardless of the type of function, if it involves fun, creativity and excitement then we can do it all.

Everyone works hard and likes to spend their time within a good circle of people but unfortunately not often enough unless they attend special events together. Well, most people look forward to those and we make it possible to enjoy yourselves and the presence of your guests. Whether you have a few or a few hundred, we can help entertain and feed them while making them feel special at the same time.

Sometimes people even like to get together for no apparent reason. They like to gather around with people they don't often see. This way they get to hang out, catch up, eat, drink, dance and just enjoy themselves. Quite often we get those crowds to hang out in our lounge area which they take hours and hours of pleasant enjoyment to its max. Imagine getting together with your friends and loved ones, soft music playing and you have no worries in the world except trying to keep track on time because everyone has kids waiting at home. Yes, the lounge area serves a great purpose. Not only it will accommodate the "no reason" get togethers but also all the coworker parties and Friday night outs after a long week of work. It can also cater to those that just need to get away from their daily routine and just chill for a while while catching up with buddies.

No social event is too big or too small for either one of the halls or the lounge. We welcome all and guarantee success no matter what the event type might be.